“That's why we're doing this. To learn you mob about what country means. That's what's important for us. We gotta keep that story going."

Shirley Purdie, Gija elder

Learn about Gija culture



Explore to learn about Gija country and the weather. It includes topics like; features of the land and the sky, bush foods, seasons and family connection to specific places.


Water, Land & Finding your way       Food & Medicine                               Sky & Seasons



Here you can learn more about proper Gija ways of doing things. It includes topics like the spirits and the Ngarranggarni, songs, dance and performance, ceremony, objects, tools

 and weapons, trade. 


Performance & Dance                      Gatherings & Ceremony                   Objects & Trade




Learn more about how Gija families work and the proper ways of treating each other. Includes topics like skin names, people’s roles & relationships, feelings & the body, and ways of interacting.

 Connection                                       Skin Names & Kinship                     Feelings & the Body            

Learn about Gija language

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