Gija is a language spoken by fewer than 100 people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.


Over 250 Indigenous Australian language groups covered the continent at the time of European colonisation in 1788.


Just 13 languages are classified as healthy today.

 107 are endangered.

Gija is listed as critically endangered.



Our Elders worry that our language will not be spoken within a generation.

yoowoorriyangem jarragboo

our story

This site shares our stories, struggles and successes as we do  everything we can to keep Gija alive and make it strong.

For a long time our Elders have been working with the schools, youth program, art and aged care centres to teach younger people. They use their knowledge of Gija culture, language and healing to improve education, health and wellbeing in their community. We know that teaching on our Country and in our way will grow, heal, protect and nourish our young people and our land.

To help keep Gija teaching and learning happening  into the future, funding is vital.

Please support us.

“I’ve got a story for my mother’s side… brings me back to my Mum’s place. My own proper place. Like I was saying – if I don’t know story, I’m nobody."

Ralph Juli, Gija leader