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We want Gija language to be used at every opportunity all through the community. Every organisation in Warmun and surrounding communities commit to giving Gija people of all ages consistent opportunities to learn deeply and in detail about their language and culture throughout their lives.

​We want our children and young people to understand and use Gija language to maintain traditions and continue ancient cultural practices, as well as use it to express themselves and their contemporary identity in new ways.

We want our children and young people to understand, follow and feel proud of Gija ways of relating to and looking after each other, their country and visitors.


We will support Elders and other language experts to regularly spend time with children and young people and immerse them in Gija.


Learning Gija happens both through trips to Country and through learning activities within organisations in the community.


Important ways we can reach our goals are:


  1. Making Gija visible and using it every day around the community and at home.

  2. Supporting elders and younger adults who are teaching Gija. 

  3. Smart planning and tracking what works and what doesn't. 

  4. Making great resources for learning and sharing.

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